About Robie Robes


Growing up on the beaches of West Cornwall in the UK, Martyn and Tamsin Tarplee enjoyed all that life by the ocean had to offer. Swimming, surfing, sailing, diving and boating.

The surf and ocean sports culture had seen rapid growth in wetsuits and other technologies that allowed people to enjoy the water in almost any climate or weather. But back on land, Martyn and his friends always found it remarkable that they still struggled with getting changed while wrapped in a towel.

Their light bulb moment came in 2007 when Martyn and Tamsin designed a combined robe and towel that allowed them to stay warm and dry as well as get changed on the beach without “flashing their derrière”, as it were.

Since then, the demand for Robie Robes has been phenomenal. Their robes have been kicking butt around the world and have become an essential in every surfer, swimmer and ocean sports enthusiast’s kit bag.

The Authentic Robie Robe is made to the highest standard from quality 100% Turkish cotton. Frequently imitated but never bettered, their design has been continually tested and refined to provide a comfortable yet durable robe that will last many a year in the most trying conditions.

Hooded and loose fitting the design is long enough to allow you to dry your whole body, head to toe. It also gives ease of movement allowing you to change clothes easily underneath.

More than just a beach towel; whatever your sport or lifestyle choice, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without your Robie Robe.

Robie Robes Changing Robe


Our well known brand name Robie Robes has become a household name over the years, with many other manufacturers copying our product and even calling their own product a Robie! Cheeky or what! You’ll also find the product that we pioneered called Changing Robes, Changing Ponchos or Towelling Ponchos. We’re sure you would have seen them at your local beach.

When it comes to changing, here at Robie Robes we feel its important to keep your dignity in tack. Getting into your wetsuit or swimming costume at the beach, estuary, river or lake, there is no better way than with a changing robe. The Robie Robes Changing Robe simply goes over your head and you can then easily get out of your clothes without having to expose yourself. The Robie Robes Original is made from the finest 100% Turkish cotton which means that its perfect for drying yourself with after you have been in the water – its super absorbent and comfortable to wear. The Robie Robes Changing Robe is perfect for changing and drying at the same time!


Surfers, windsurfers, kite surfers and swimmers love them especially in the winter because when you get out of the freezing cold water you can get straight into your Robie Robe Changing Robe. In the Robie Robes range we have a size and colour to fit everyone Men, Women & Children.

Outdoor swimmers love the Robie Robe Changing Robe as its perfect for when you get out of the water whether it be the sea, lake or river – its really important to warm up so you dont catch a cold. So if you’re surfing in the sea or a wave pool, paddle boarding in a lake or loch or swimming outdoors, getting warm and drying quickly after leaving the water is important to ensure that you don’t catch a cold or get sick.

Wetsuits aren’t the easiest thing to get in and out of and you can quite often feel the need to cover up while changing, so why not purchase the original and the best Robie Robe Changing Robe from our website. You’ll wish you had bought one sooner because you’ll be warm and dry as you get changed in those freezing and wet winter months. We even see kids running around the beach in the summer playing, wearing a Robie Robe after they have come out of the water just so they can warm up quicker.

Robie Robes Changing Robes are also that perfect gift or present for that loved one in your life who loves the water! Browse our range of changing robes today!