Dry-Series VS Original-Series: Which To Choose?

At Robie Robes we like to keep it simple. Two great products that book-end your cold water experience. Each making changing easier, keeping the elements off and getting you dry. Facing the decision of choosing between a Dry-Series or an Original-Series? Below we’ve discussed the reasons to choose one or the other, and why your kit list might even benefit from both! 



Both the Dry-Series and the towelling Original-Series are designed to make changing pre and post swim as easy as possible. Both are spacious enough to allow you to wriggle in and out of your swimmers without awkwardness, plus the extra large arm holes let you pull your arms in easily. We’ve created the Dry-Series with both long and short arms, depending on your preference. 

Whilst the towelling material of the Original-Series is more geared to drying you after a dip or water-based activity, the wind and water-proof outer shell of the Dry-Series will keep the weather off you more effectively, and for longer, allowing you to have that extra cup of coffee ocean-side before heading home for a hot shower. 

girl runs on beach in red towelling robie



It’s becoming more and more common to see water-lovers wearing their Robies to and from the shoreline! Our classic Original-Series can be thrown on over your swimming costume or shorts if you prefer getting changed at home or by the car, whilst we often see people wearing their Dry-Series over all their clothes like coat as an extra layer for warmth or to keep the rain off.

The Original-Series takes up no more space than a towel and can be rolled or folded and carried in your beach bag or rucksack. The Dry-Series is bulkier, but we also stock a Compression Bag to make carrying your Dry-Series easier. 


Weather Conditions 

On sunny days we don’t need anything but our swimmers and our Original-Series Robie for a day on the beach. It’s perfect for towelling off, lying on, protecting our dignity whilst changing and wearing to and from our favourite swim spots. Plus, the 100% cotton construction with outer velour and inner soft terry towelling means you’ll not only get dry after a cold water dip, but stay cosy too. 

When the weather is a little more unpredictable, or we’re taking part in water-sports where we’ll be in and out of the water often, such as triathlons, gig rowing or surfing, we often lean towards a Dry-Series. It keeps the rain and wind off, can be thrown on over bare skin, clothes or a wetsuit, and provides a tent-like layer against the elements. The outer-shell is made from recycled nylon that is waterproof, windproof and breathable, whilst the internal recycled shearling fleece is heavyweight and soft for ultimate insulation. 

boy holds surfboard wearing dry series robie by sea


Alternative Uses 

We believe the best things in life have more than one use! Both our towelling Original-Series and cosy Dry-Series can also be used as picnic blankets and beach rugs, plus their uses don’t end at their. Take yours to the pool, a rain-forecast outdoor event or use a towelling robe to keep the sunshine off the kids during long, hot beach days. 



On glorious summer days we reach for our Original-Series every time. It was the first product we ever created, and is the perfect changing robe. It fits in a tote bag, comes in a variety of gorgeous colours and is a beach essential for every member of the family. 

If it’s winter, or the summer throws a bad day our way, we wouldn’t head to the beach without a Dry-Series. Not only does it keep you warm before and after your watery fun, but it doubles as a dog walking coat too. The deep pockets act as hand-warmers as well as treat storers! 

Our verdict is that investing in both is worth it, and with our Fix It scheme, we’ll help ensure your Robie lasts a lifetime, too. 

boy smiles at camera on beach wearing dry series robie