The Original Changing Robe

The Robie Story

Robie was the first ever changing robe

Created in 2007

Our story began in St Ives: a beautiful Cornish harbour town known for its wild Atlantic coastline and its innovative, artistic spirit. Like many St. Ives residents before them, surfers Martyn and Tamsin Tarplee had a vision. They loved the ocean and the lifestyle that came with it but refused to believe they couldn’t improve the one bit of the experience they loathed: the brutal ‘exposure’ to the elements as they changed.

So, like all good creatives, they took to the drawing board. The combined robe and towel that they designed revolutionized their lives alongside the water. The Robie was born – and the ‘just about to jump in’ times and ‘the fresh out the water’times became the good times they were always meant to be.

We’re proud to be the original changing robe, but - just like Martyn and Tamsin back then - we’ve never stopped imagining we can do better. We’re determined to stay one step ahead of our imitators, expanding our range and perfecting our designs so that you can make the most of every precious moment outside, whatever you’re doing out there.

In the press

We were made-up when we caught the eye of some of the biggest media outlets in the country and bowled over by what they said!

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