1% For The Planet: Beach Guardian

1% For The Planet: Beach Guardian

1% For The Planet is an organisation that links businesses with environmental charities to allow us to give back to the world. By joining, we have pledged to donate 1% of our total sales every year to an environmental charity or organisation doing important work to protect the natural world. As we’re made up of a team of seaside lovers, surfers, swimmers and coast path walkers, there seemed no better choice than our friends at Beach Guardian.
Dry-Series VS Original-Series: Which To Choose?

Dry-Series VS Original-Series: Which To Choose?

At Robie Robes we like to keep it simple. Two great products that book-end your cold water experience. Each making changing easier, keeping the elements off and getting you dry. Facing the decision of choosing between a Dry-Series or an Original-Series? Below we’ve discussed the reasons to choose one or the other, and why your kit list might even benefit from both! 
old image of mother iveys bay and ship wreck

The Tale of Mother Ivey: Myths and Legend of Wild Swim Spots

Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches on the north coast of Cornwall, Mother Ivey’s Bay is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing and fishing. Sheltered by Trevose Head and the Meropes, a dramatic rock formation protruding from the headland, the waters at Mother Ivey’s are often calm and clear, even when winds and swells are sweeping through from the west. But, how many of these beach-goers have stopped to consider the name Mother Ivey, and question who she was? 

Where to Wear Your Robie

Where to Wear Your Robie

Whilst our Original Series towelling robe was first created with sea swims and after-surfs in mind, Robie has diversified and expanded. Whilst wild swimming has become incredibly popular, other water sports have also boomed. You’ll now find people wearing Robies at the water’s edge for a variety of reasons, and it doesn’t stop at the sea either! Our Dry-Series has quickly become a dog walking essential, and also keeps parents warm and dry on the sidelines of school sports fixtures, rugby or football matches and at fun runs. 
stunning blue sea and cornish coastline dotted with paddle boarders

What to do in the Sea in Cornwall this Summer

The sun is shining, the beaches are packed, the smell of barbecue fills the evening air and happy families are splashing around in the sea. It can only mean one thing. The summer holidays are in full swing! In honour of National Marine Week (which actually runs for a fortnight between July 23rd - August 7th) we’re sharing a few of our favourite things to do in the sea in Cornwall this summer. If you love donning a wetsuit, taking a dip, riding the waves and exploring the coastline, then read on. 
lido with orange buildings and blue skies

Save Our Lidos! The threat Britain’s lidos are under and what we can do to help

After our recent homage to the UK’s lido scene, we were saddened to read an article that stated, due to the rising cost of living, and staff and chlorine shortages, some of our outdoor pools may face closure. We spoke with lido owners across the UK to find out about the threat Britain’s lidos are under and what we can do to help.

women wearing red robies rowing a gig boat out to sea in the sunshine

How to get into Gig Rowing

As a nation surrounded by ocean, it’s no surprise that water sports are a deep part of our tradition that have survived the test of time. Whilst swimming and surfing are popular sports practiced by many around the UK, the roots of our seafaring excursions lie in sailing and rowing. We've asked Falmouth Pilot Gig Club how you can get involved. 
blonde child has suncream wiped on her face by parent

Summer Sun Safety: How to Keep Your Family Protected

It’s all fun in the sun until someone gets burnt. Keeping yourself and your children protected against the suns rays is easy, as long as you’re prepared. There are a few simple rules to follow when it comes to summer holiday sun safety, ensuring you avoid the dreaded sunburn, and minimise the long term risks, too. 
man swimming in river surrounded by trees and fields

A Beginner’s Guide to River Swimming

Whilst Robie’s may be based on the Cornish coast, our products aren’t solely for seaside use. The towelling Original-Series and water and windproof Dry-Series compliment any swim, whether it be in salt water or fresh. That’s why we’ve decided to explore the realms of river swimming, where our inland friends find their cold water fix! 
bald man in wetsuit eats a pasty with pint in hand

The Padstow to Rock Swim

Every year a gaggle of keen swimmers line the sea wall in Padstow, at the beginning of the Camel Trail. Swim hats, goggles and wetsuits of all colours can be seen excitedly jostling above the tidal river, backed by views of the iconic Iron Bridge guarding the entrance to Little Petherick Creek. With the promise of a pasty and a pint on the other side, swimmers tackle the 1-mile open water swim eagerly.
Artist Series: Rose Darling

Artist Series: Rose Darling

Our friend Rose Darling has worked as an illustrator and print designer since the early 2000s. A lover of the great outdoors, she integrates elements of the natural world into her work, and has created a number of nature-inspired artworks for us that became towelling Original-Series robes. To celebrate the coming launch of 2 new designs, which will be dropping soon, we spoke with Rose about inspiration, sustainability, art and her love of the ocean. 

woman wearing red swim hat doing front crawl in beautiful lido

Lidos: Serene Swim Spots in Unlikely Locations

A lido is a public open-air swimming pool. Popular all over Britain, you’ll find people young and old enjoying a landlocked dip in their local lido. These outdoor bodies of water have been utilised for well over a century, with the Cleveland Pools in Bath first opening in 1815. Outdoor swimming boomed in Britain in the 1930s, meaning many of the lidos found in the UK today still stand steeped in Art Deco design, and hold a strong sense of history.