people sit on a sunny beach watching surfers in a bright blue sea

Beach Safety and Cold Water Advice

The summer holidays are nearly upon us and we’re looking forward to seeing hordes of happy families enjoying the sun and sea. The beach is a wonderful, diverse place, providing people of all ages with hours of fun. Whilst this ever-changing environment is a playground for surfing, swimming, rock pooling, games and sand castle building, it isn’t without it’s dangers.
man prepares for swim in lake wearing robie and hat

Al’s Wild Swimmers Series

Alexander Ward is an internationally published photographer in Suffolk & Essex. We first spotted his work when one of his subjects, Colin, tagged us in an image shot by Al. Colin Hill is an open water swim event director, a promoter of the sport and a coach and guide. The photo depicts Colin sitting at the water’s edge in the Lake District, wearing his Dry-Series robe, donning his boots, ready for a cold water dip. 
A Brief History of Gig Rowing

A Brief History of Gig Rowing

The historic tradition of gig rowing has been alive in Cornwall since the 18th Century. Once a lucrative form of employment for seafarers, and now a popular sport, pilot gigs clubs are found in nearly every seaside and harbour town throughout Cornwall.
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The 5 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Cornwall

In our opinion, the best dog friendly beaches in Cornwall are the ones with plenty of space for furry friends to run around, an option for sea swimming and a pub on the headland! Read on to find out our top Robie rated beaches for man’s best friend in the south west. 
Happy girl stands by river amongst green foliage in a swimsuit

Introducing Ally

Robie ambassador Ally is happiest when outside and exercising. She spoke to us about the shift in people's attitudes towards sport over lockdown, plus her own relationship with nature and working in sustainability. 
Blonde girl in long sleeve swimsuit sits by tidal pool ready for a swim

How to get into Wild Swimming

If you’re standing on the shoreline, dipping your toe but nervous to take the plunge, then read on to find out our tips for how to get into wild swimming. We can’t wait to share this watery world with you. 
Bare feet next to a yellow bucket filled with beach plastic on the sand

Putting the Planet First

The plastic pollution problem isn’t a new one. Loss of life and climate change can largely be blamed on it and we’ve been aware for a long time now that the planet is paying the price for our over-consumption of plastic. It’s absolutely integral that we take actions, big and small, to turn the tide on marine pollution.
Wild Swimming in Finland

Wild Swimming in Finland

Päivi Pälvimäki is our cold water swimming idol, as she swims in water temperatures lower than 0°C! We caught up with her to discuss blue health, her new book and the community and culture of cold water dippers in the far north.
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Surf and Swim Retreats in the South West

The world finally seems to be settling back into it’s natural rhythm. If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that health and happiness are at the top of our priority list. With this in mind, it’s time to take the plunge and book that trip you’ve been dreaming of. 
Blue Health for Beginners and Ocean Accessibility

Blue Health for Beginners and Ocean Accessibility

Blue health, put simply, refers to the positive effect that blue environments have on our mental wellbeing. Being in close proximity to a body of water such as rivers, lakes or the sea has now been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve our mental health and happiness. 
clean waves breaking in front of sand and dune grass

Surf Safety During British Winters

Braving the water in winter certainly isn’t for the fainthearted, but the hardy souls that can’t resist the pull of the sea definitely reap the rewards. Pumping waves, beautiful sunrises and sets, quiet lineups and decent ground swells.
Camel Ski School x Robie Robes

Camel Ski School x Robie Robes

Stoked to be supporting Camel Ski, the team who do everything they can to get you enjoying your time in the water in the Camel estuary.