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Mastering Cold Water And Breath

Anthony Mullally has two Rugby League World Cups and a Super League Grand Final trophy under his belt, and throughout his professional rugby career made more than 200 senior appearances. However, nowadays you’ll find him on the coast of North Cornwall where he now works as a breath work coach, dividing his focus between performance coaching for athletes and running male-focussed retreats that incorporate cold water exposure, meditation and mindfulness.

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An Interview With Beach Guardian

We’re proud to support Beach Guardian through our 1% For The Planet commitment. The work that father and daughter duo Rob and Emily Stevenson do is extremely important in keeping our beaches and oceans clean, whilst also providing environmental educational resources for schools and businesses. We caught up with co-founder Rob to learn more about Beach Guardian.
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5 Benefits of Getting Cold (temporarily!)

Whether you’re a surfer jumping in for hours or a wild dipper swimming for less than 10 minutes, that uncomfortable yet exhilarating feeling of cold water immersion is better for you than you may realise. Read on to find out more. 
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Christmas Day Swims, Boxing Day Swims and New Year's Day Swims 2022

The Christmas season is upon us! What was once unconventional is fast becoming a festive tradition, with hordes of people taking to the ocean for their annual winter dip. Shake off the food-coma, feel alive and get outside with the local community by taking part in a Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day swim, whilst raising money for charity. Below we’ve compiled a few of many organised festive swims around the country, highlighting dips in Cornwall, Wales, Dorset, East Anglia, London and the Lake District. Grab your swimmers and your Robie and we’ll meet you at the water's edge! 
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Where Can I Swim in a Sea Pool?

When you’re desperate for a dip, but stormy weather won’t allow it, where do you turn? There are a number of natural, semi-natural and manmade sea pools around the country that offer sanctuary from the swells and a safe place to dip throughout the winter. Plus, it’s easier to lower yourself into the chilly water without waves crashing around you! We’ve taken a look at the UK’s best sea pools, where you’ll find shelter from the storms and often a crew of likeminded winter dippers… 
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The Cold Fix: An Interview with Author Sara Barnes

Sara Barnes has been swimming since she was a child, but truly unlocked the restorative powers of cold water more recently. We spoke to Sara about her swimming habits, any must-have essentials, the wild dipping community, and why she’s addicted to the irresistible effects of the cold. 
Why Should I Protect My Ears This Winter?

Why Should I Protect My Ears This Winter?

“Surfer’s ear” is the common name for a condition caused by cold water and wind. If your ears are over-exposed to the elements without protection, they might take matters into their own ‘hands’. The ear canal starts to narrow by growing boney lumps, hence, ‘protecting’ itself from the intrusive cold. This can lead to loss of hearing and pain in the ears. Whilst surfer’s ear can be prevented, if it becomes a problem sufferers may be subject to intrusive surgery to cure the issue. 
How to Organise Your Own Beach Clean

How to Organise Your Own Beach Clean

Keeping our beaches and oceans clean is integral if we want to protect the planet. Removing litter from the coastline helps to stem pollution, stops marine life from ingesting harmful products and makes our beaches a safer environment for humans and animals. With winter swells and winds washing up debris, and inspired by our friends at Beach Guardian, we wanted to explain how you can organise a beach clean in your area. 


Ageless Ocean Adventures

Ageless Ocean Adventures

In our opinion, you’re never too old to reap the benefits of the ocean, whether for physical or mental wellbeing. We chatted with Fran Baker, an avid rower and sea-swimmer in her 60s for some inspiration, and have put together a list of a few of the activities we’ve seen being enjoyed by the older generation this year… 
1% For The Planet: Beach Guardian

1% For The Planet: Beach Guardian

1% For The Planet is an organisation that links businesses with environmental charities to allow us to give back to the world. By joining, we have pledged to donate 1% of our total sales every year to an environmental charity or organisation doing important work to protect the natural world. As we’re made up of a team of seaside lovers, surfers, swimmers and coast path walkers, there seemed no better choice than our friends at Beach Guardian.
Dry-Series VS Original-Series: Which To Choose?

Dry-Series VS Original-Series: Which To Choose?

At Robie Robes we like to keep it simple. Two great products that book-end your cold water experience. Each making changing easier, keeping the elements off and getting you dry. Facing the decision of choosing between a Dry-Series or an Original-Series? Below we’ve discussed the reasons to choose one or the other, and why your kit list might even benefit from both! 
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The Tale of Mother Ivey: Myths and Legend of Wild Swim Spots

Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches on the north coast of Cornwall, Mother Ivey’s Bay is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing and fishing. Sheltered by Trevose Head and the Meropes, a dramatic rock formation protruding from the headland, the waters at Mother Ivey’s are often calm and clear, even when winds and swells are sweeping through from the west. But, how many of these beach-goers have stopped to consider the name Mother Ivey, and question who she was?