How to Be a Tourist in Your Own Town


The summer months brings with it the promise of warmth, (slightly) sunnier weather, spontaneity and endless possibility. A season people circle in their calendars months before, while spending the coming weeks excitedly counting down to. However, it’s easy to get swept up in the busyness of everyday life and forget to truly make the most of all that this wonderful season has to offer. We’ve found the best way to make the most of the sunshiny (and rainy) days, and fall in love with summer again, is to be a tourist in your own town… Here’s how you do it.

Dive into Google Maps:

Every town has it’s own story that’s worth exploring, we find the simplest way to do this is pick an are on Google Maps and type in what you’re in the mood for eg ‘surf breaks’, ‘brunch’ or even an open-ended ‘must see’. You’ll find your screen illuminated with options, all you need to do is click a pin and the adventures already begun.


Fête’s, Fairs and Festivals!

Summer is a time when many towns host festivals, fairs, and other events that are open to the public. Take advantage of these opportunities to immerse yourself in your town's culture and community. Attend a local concert, food festival, or art show. Not only will you have a laugh, but you'll tap into new communities and circles, maybe even making a few new friends - you’ll be blown away by how much there is to be discovered in your own town.

food festivals

Get a glimpse of sunrise:

While the town is sleeping, make it your mission to find a spot where you can watch the day begin or head out for a wander through the sleepy streets, watch the early birds get to work and breathe in the scent of a new beginning. It’s amazing what your town can look like with a different light. Plus, if you come home shattered, just have a snooze in the sunshine!


Eat somewhere new:

You know that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try but have been saving for a special occasion? It’s now today’s lunch date. Instead of going to your usual spots, branch out! Go for a walk and allow yourself to stumble into places wouldn’t normally go, they could end up being your new local.

Take a staycation:

If you can't take a full vacation this summer, why not head over to your local spa hotel? Or B&B? Harness that spontaneity and book a night or two, take the time to explore through fresh eyes and immerse yourself in the tourist hubs. Staycations are the best way to get away from the stresses of everyday life, while only having to pack up the car and find the next town over.


Cheer on your local team:

Whether a minor league rugby club or a home match with the local football legends, there’s always something to cheer for. Make a day of it, round up some friends and head to the game together, your local teams will love you for it!

Take a guided tour, pack your camera!

Many towns offer historical walking tours or audio-guided tours that take you through the most important and interesting parts of town, a unique way of learning more about the history of the place you call home, while also getting out and about. Be sure to pack your camera for a fresh perspective, capturing all the lifting things you’d normally walk straight past.

There you have it, effortless ways to make the most of this greatly-anticipated season. So go, get out there, explore, wander, and embrace the touristy nature of your town. People visit year after year for a reason, seek out the ‘why'. We guarantee you’ll end the summer season with not only a greater appreciation for where you live, but the wonderful feeling of having had an epic adventure.