Transitioning into a New Season: Embracing the Shift

Year after year we shift with the seasons, adjusting to new climates and ways of life, a process of which can be very draining. Feeling this way is completely normal; winter blues, SAD syndrome, and lack of vitamin D are all very real and affect us more than we give ourselves credit for. It’s easy to forget that everything happening around us, happens to us; as we too are part of mother nature’s cycle.
So, how can we make this transition more peaceful? One where we aren’t waking blurry-eyed and groggy, but instead starting the day feeling invigorated?

Embracing change is never straightforward, but we hope these tips make it that little bit easier.

Sit, sip, observe
The art of noticing is powerful. Grab a cuppa, get outside and watch how animals interact or how insects change their behaviour. You’ll soon notice a pattern, whether it be your houseplant’s photoperiodism or the varying calls of the little robin that visits your kitchen window each morning. We are all made of the same earth and energy, watching other creatures adapt can be hugely comforting. Nature knows, follow her footsteps.

Document it
Capture photos and videos, write in your journal, take notes, be aware. Sometimes when we’re caught in the never-ending cycle of work, home, sleep, repeat; we miss the changes happening around (and inside) of us. Make some time each week, even if only for a few hours, to observe what’s happening outside.

document it

Create in the kitchen
Cooler months means warmer munch! Get excited about what you’re going to eat, dig out the slow cooker recipes or your favourite autumnal cookbook, use seasonal fruits and veg, make soups and stews. Nourish your body with warm, nutritious and fulfilling foods. A happy tummy is always a great place to start.

cook up

Get out in the elements
Every day is different, especially here in Cornwall where our weather forecast changes almost hourly, bundle yourself up and immerse in the elements. Being part of the seasonal shift is magical, observing how the leaves change daily or the stark difference in sea. Feel the sun on your face and the wind on your skin. Breathe in, breathe out and absorb it all.

Outside elements

Let yourself rest and reset
As the days draw in, this is the perfect time to strive for that optimal eight hours. Try regenerating your sleep pattern by reading before bed or testing an earlier bedtime of 30 minutes, it’s little steps like these that can make a huge impact in your day to day. It doesn’t have to be sleeping either, just make some time for yourself where your brain can regenerate. Animals hibernate for a reason!


Hygge it up
The danish word ‘hygge’ means to feel cozy, comfy, safe and/or warm, and is often shown through reinventing spaces; ‘when the outside feels cold, make the inside warm’. Get some autumnal scented candles in, cosy blankets, fluffy socks, anything that makes your space feel like a haven of warmth when you step through the door.

Be kind to yourself
Whether you start your morning with meditation, practise mindfulness, go for an invigorating swim, take up a new hobby or give yourself mental health days. Do whatever you can to be kind to your body and mind this season, transitions are energy consuming and our tanks need filling however that looks for you. Remember that everyone everywhere will be feeling similar, we’re all in
this together!

Be kind to yourself