Blonde girl in long sleeve swimsuit sits by tidal pool ready for a swim

How to get into Wild Swimming

If you’re standing on the shoreline, dipping your toe but nervous to take the plunge, then read on to find out our tips for how to get into wild swimming. We can’t wait to share this watery world with you. 
Blue Health for Beginners and Ocean Accessibility

Blue Health for Beginners and Ocean Accessibility

Blue health, put simply, refers to the positive effect that blue environments have on our mental wellbeing. Being in close proximity to a body of water such as rivers, lakes or the sea has now been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve our mental health and happiness. 
clean waves breaking in front of sand and dune grass

Surf Safety During British Winters

Braving the water in winter certainly isn’t for the fainthearted, but the hardy souls that can’t resist the pull of the sea definitely reap the rewards. Pumping waves, beautiful sunrises and sets, quiet lineups and decent ground swells.