Wild Swimming Cornwall x Robie Robes

We are proud to announce our partnership with Wild Swimming Cornwall, a collective that highlight the benefits of safely wild swimming, both mental and physical and are creating a guide for places to swim around Cornwall.

From the guys at Wild Swim Cornwall;

Originally from Cornwall, we are a group of friends for whom wild swimming has had a profound impact on our lives, making it possible for us to overcome challenges and to emerge from the other side of them as stronger and more contented versions of ourselves.
Whether overcoming trauma, anxiety and agoraphobia; recovering from third degree burns and the resulting PTSD; or dealing with the impacts of suicide and depression, each of us have individually discovered the benefits of open water swimming. We have come together to form this wild swimming community because of the positive impacts it has had on our physical and mental wellbeing, our sense of belonging and our affinity with the natural world.

Wild swimming provides us with the opportunity to challenge ourselves daily, to become more courageous and to continue building both our physical and mental resilience. We encourage you to undertake your own wild swimming journey and to share in these benefits too.

With love and warm wishes,
Lydia, Bethany and Max

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