Guide: How to care for the Robie that cares for you

Whether warming you up after a sea swim, cheering you on for your new ice bath PB or helping you change pre-surf, a Dry-Series Robie is an essential piece of kit for any water lover. However, caring for your changing robe is often overlooked, which can lead to discolouration and overall wear and tear - so here is our 5 step guide to caring for the Robie that cares for you.


Hand wash, always

Contrary to popular belief, Robies don’t need to be washed after every use, in fact they can go for weeks of constant use without needing to be cleaned. But when the time comes to give your changing robe that extra bit of TLC it deserves, hand wash is the optimal way to go. If using a machine, wash inside out (with the zips closed) on a gentle setting at a maximum of 30 degrees to ensure your beloved piece of kit stays good as new.

dry series robie - inside

Avoid fabric softeners, use non-bio!

Fabric softeners can damage your Robie’s fibres, as well as reducing its absorbency and waterproofing ability, instead use a non-biological detergent or a product specific to training gear (Grangers is a great option: If unable to access these products, a small amount of vinegar or baking soda in the wash will help remove any odours.


Roll it up

Once washed, lay a dry towel flat on the floor and roll your Robie up in it, this will remove any excess water and help to speed up the drying process so that you can get back to doing what you love!


Air dry

Grab a hanger, turn your changing robe inside out and leave to dry outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight and tumble drying as this can compromise the waterproof materials, cause shrinkage and damage to the fabric.



When not in use, store your changing robe in a dry, cool place. Avoid folding it tightly, as this can cause creases and damage to the fabric, instead roll into your accompanying Robie bag.


Treat stains promptly

If you notice any stains on your changing robe, treat them immediately with a natural stain remover or by soaking the affected area in a mixture of water and baking soda before washing.

 Dry-Series robie - outer

By following these simple steps, you can keep your Dry-Series changing robe in top condition and extend its lifespan, allowing your Robie to keep you warm, dry and adventure-ready for years to come. If you ever need any advice our have any questions, get in touch - we’re here to help!