Where to Wear Your Robie

Whilst our Original Series towelling robe was first created with sea swims and after-surfs in mind, Robie has diversified and expanded. Whilst wild swimming has become incredibly popular, other water sports have also boomed. You’ll now find people wearing Robies at the water’s edge for a variety of reasons, and it doesn’t stop at the sea either! Our Dry-Series has quickly become a dog walking essential, and also keeps parents warm and dry on the sidelines of school sports fixtures, rugby or football matches and at fun runs. 

Read on to discover the many uses of our changing robes… 


Dog Walking 

Man’s best friend doesn’t care what the weather’s like, he needs to get out for a walk every day, come rain or shine! Whether it’s beautiful sunshine, hammering rain, snow is falling or there’s a storm blowing through, you can rest assured that your dog will be scratching at the door, ball in mouth, ready for a run around. For this reason, our Dry-Series robes have become extremely popular with dog walkers. With it’s super long hem, tall neck and big hood, your clothes will stay dry and you’ll stay warm during the worst of the weather. Plus, the extra deep pockets can carry an array of leads, treats, extra balls and poo bags, too! 

Spectator Sports

Whether you’re huddling pitch-side at a rugby match, cheering on your kids at sports day or standing in the driving rain during autumn and spring Surf Lifesaving sessions, our Dry-Series has got your back. Perfect for protection from the elements, plus they are great to bundle your little competitors into during half time or after heats and matches!


Gig Rowing 

Gig rowing has been a part of coastal communities for over 300 years. This beautiful, oar-powered sport is at the heart of many waterside villages, and provides a place for people to train, exercise, come together and experience time on the water. We are proud to support the Falmouth Pilot Gig Club Ladies A Crew. They wear their Robies on the waterside in preparation for races or after training, and even wore them for this training session when we paid them a visit! 

Late Summer Camping

Even when there’s no water around, a Robie can come in handy. Our Dry-Series is the go-to cover-up for campers, especially in the late summer months when the evenings can creep up on you with a chill and dampness in the air. Either worn as a coat, spread out as a picnic rug or even thrown over your sleeping bag as a blanket, the Dry-Series has plenty of uses on a campsite.


Open Water Swimming

The originally intended use for our very first product, the Original-Series towelling robe. Get down to your local beach or body of water, strip off and dive in! The benefits of cold water swimming are ten-fold, and our towelling Robies are designed to book-end the experience; get changed and dry off with ultimate ease and privacy, without clutching at your towel. 

 Beach Exploring

Our Original-Series towelling robes are the perfect bit of beach kit for young kids. We’d go as far to call it Seaside Uniform. Perfect for keeping the sun off, getting dry, chucking them on when they get out of the water and for rock-pool rambles, the towelling Robie has got your kids covered - quite literally.


Surf Schools 

Learning to surf is part and parcel of coming on holiday to Devon and Cornwall. Whether you want to stand up for the first time, need some 1:1 tuition or have booked your family a group improver lesson, we can’t think of a better way to get amongst it on the Cornish coast! We work with a number of surf schools through the south west and we love seeing their instructors using Robies to stay warm and dry in-between lessons. 


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